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Anadroxyl Detailed

Anadroxyl 50 mg is oxymetholone manufactured by Kalpa Pharma

It is very important, especially for those who are inexperienced with this product, to read and familiarise yourself with what this drug is before you buy and use it in your bodybuilding cycle. It is one of the most potent steroids out there, but it also carries with it more problematic side effects and can cause permanent damage if used incorrectly. Below is a brief description of what anadroxyl-50 (the common trade name for this hormone) is, as well as the main benefits and risks that a bodybuilder should be aware of.

Anadroxyl 50 mg is Kalpa Pharmaceutical’s trade name for an oral steroid known as oxymetholone . It comes in the form of 50 mg tablets and 50 tablets in a pack of 50 tablets, a total of 2500 mg at a price of $47. This anabolic hormone is considered the most potent oral steroid, and the closest oral hormone based on its anabolic effects in mass gain cycles is probably Dianabol (methandrostenolone) . When it comes to describing its mechanism of action, it’s probably best to start by describing its side effects, as Anandrol can be quite dangerous if its use is exaggerated.

The most notable downside of Anadrol-50 (the common trade name for this drug) is its hepatotoxicity due to the fact that it is an alpha-alkylated C-17. This change in the 17th carbon atom was necessary to increase resistance when it first passes through the liver, but on the other hand, this change puts more strain on the liver. Obviously, taking liver protection medication along with oxymetholone. Another thing worth mentioning is the length of the bodybuilding cycle. It is highly recommended to limit the use of Anadroxyl to 4-6 weeks because of its severe side effects.

Side Effects

Anadroxyl is a DHT (DiHydroTestoteorne) derivative, so aromatisation is out of the question as you might think. This is partly true, as oxymetholone really won’t convert to estrogen, but will still have a lot of estrogenic activity, which is rather odd. There is no definite information on its mechanism of action in this regard, but it is thought that during the anapolone recruitment cycle it activates estrogen receptors by itself or through some of its metabolites.

This can lead to side effects such as water retention and gynaecomastia. Taking SERMs such as nolvadex will prevent the development of gynaecomastia but will not help with abdominal bloating and water retention. An aromatase inhibitor (AI) is useless as there is no aromatisation. Some bodybuilders have reported that letrozole can be of great help for abdominal bloating caused by Anapolon steroids. Other androgenic side effects caused by this drug may include: acne, voice changes, oily skin, increased hair growth, prostate enlargement, etc.

Anadroxyl 50 mg Bodybuilding Uses

Oxymetholone was originally developed and used to treat several conditions such as anaemia, osteoporosis and in patients with muscle atrophy. It is known to dramatically increase erythropoiesis and also improves protein synthesis at a higher level. It has been shown to be very effective when used non-medically to stimulate muscle growth and increase strength. A dosage of 25 to 50 mg per day for 4 to 6 weeks will provide visible gains for both beginner and advanced bodybuilders. Higher dosages have also been reported to be used with increased gains, but after a certain point it did not provide any additional gains with more pronounced side effects.

It has also been shown to provide incredible gains in mass and strength for the first 3-4 weeks of the cycle, but after that the gains will diminish. As mentioned above, Anadroxyl is a filler , and it is a pretty poor choice for a drying procedure. It provides pretty good results on its own, but will have a greater effect if used as a supplement to a mass gain cycle. This is due to its medium to low affinity for binding to androgen receptors, which leaves more room for other fillers to show its anabolic effects.

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