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What is Pro-Anavar? | What is Oxandrolone?

Pro-Anavar is the trade name for the oral anabolic androgenic steroid (AAS) called Oxandrolone that is the chemical name and active ingredient in Pro-Anavar. This product is manufactured by famous pharma company focused in producing and developing performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) – Beligas Pharmaceuticals. This product might be better known simply by Anavar and the product is one of the most known and most used steroids in the world.

The product is extremely popular among power lifters, bodybuilders and other athletes and one of the reason why is so popular is because this steroid is considered very mild and in the same time effective – one of the reasons why Anavar is extremely popular among women – one of the most used steroids by female steroid users (or maybe no. 1 steroid for females).

Exactly as all other steroids – originally it was designed to help people with some health conditions. It was used to treat osteoporosis and weight loss. Despite the fact that is a mild steroid, is very effective, so it is widely used by bodybuilders and got extremely famous, especially amongst newbies and female users.

Anavar is a DHT derived oral anabolic steroid, with the trade name of Pro-Anavar from Beligas Pharmaceuticals, a product which you can purchase directly from our site for a very attractive price as a very high quality Oxandrolone product. Purchasing it – you would expect to get 50 tablets, each tablet containing 50 mg of Oxandrolone.

This product is considered to be the most powerful anti catabolic product among its category and therefore, while using Oxandrolone (Pro-Anavar), the individual is going to reduce body fat cells in the time while maintaining current muscle mass.

What is Oxandrolone Used For? | How Does Oxandrolone Work?

Oxandrolone sold under trade name Pro-Anavar is a great muscle hardening product with amazing effects. This stuff used to be given to patients with various health conditions such as anemia, muscle wasting, weight losing patients, or other purposes such as osteoporosis and others. Nonetheless, nowadays is a great choice for bodybuilders and competitive athletes mainly used for cutting cycles.

That’s because this compound is having great fat burning properties in the time it can keep your muscle mass. It also might be used for lean bulking, which means that you would see muscle mass gains but this require much more time and the gains wouldn’t be as much. That’s because all the gains would be clean – alongside with a good gain in strength.


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