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Oxandrolone side effects in men. Oxandrolone in bodybuilding – effective use.

Those who are seriously interested in steroid preparations have probably heard about oxandrolone, but few of them are well versed in its properties, peculiarities of use, side effects, nuances of combination with other drugs, and many other important aspects of its use. Therefore, we decided to devote this article to this problem, and tell you about all the subtleties of the use of this now popular steroidal drug.

Definition and history of origin.

Oxandrolone Anavar, Oxan, Oxana, Oxanka – so in the common people bodybuilders call this pharmacological drug. It, like other anabolics, has many names, most of which are slang names. Often it is also called by the names of manufacturers’ trademarks: Anavar and Vasorome. Only this does not change the essence of the anabolic steroid created by Searle Laboratories and released for the first time back in 1964…

This synthetic steroid drug achieved very wide popularity because of its extremely low androgenic activity and along with this high anabolic index.

It was not immediately used in sports, as its development was initially associated with the treatment of severe diseases such as: HIV, Turner’s syndrome, anaemia, and it was also used in post-burn therapy…

With the beginning of its use in different sports, Anavar was put on a special list of controlled drugs.


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