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This pharmacological agent is a very popular synthetic anabolic drug today, which is widely used by weightlifters and professional swimmers who want to quickly and effectively gain muscle mass and form relief muscles.

This synthetic steroid was created in America 50 years ago, its first trade name was anavar. To date, this anabolic is produced under different names, including oxaver, vasorme and others, in addition, it is available in free sale for all athletes. The drug has a very strong immunomodulatory effect, and its anabolic qualities are four times higher than those of testosterone, while the androgenic activity of the former is four times lower than that of the latter. The drug is relatively low in toxicity. It is also not converted into estrogens, in other words, it is not characterised by aromatisation effects.

The positive effects of taking oxandrolone are the following:

  • formation of beautiful relief and firm muscles;
  • increased rapid burning of the subcutaneous fat layer;
  • improvement of strength and endurance, increase in somatotropic hormone production.

Experienced athletes highlight several important recommendations for beginner athletes:

  • the duration of the course of taking the drug is usually one and a half to two months;
  • -the beginning of taking this drug should be gradual, the initial dosage is considered to be 20 milligrams, which then gradually increases to 40-50 milligrams;
  • for representatives of the strong half of humanity, the maximum daily dose should not exceed 80 mg, for women – 30 milligrams.

After completing the course of oxandrolone therapy, experts recommend using tamoxifen for 2-3 weeks. Thus, you can quickly and fully restore the synthesis of endogenous testosterone.

To reduce the likelihood of unwanted side effects, including hepatotoxicity, reduced libido, and to improve the quality of the result, it is better to use combinations of this drug with high-androgenic agents (testosterone, sustanon and some others).

This steroid is recommended for use for those athletes who already have a decent muscle mass, but the amount of subcutaneous fat is still sufficient, which reduces the visual qualities of the relief of musculature. Therefore, this drug does not have a significant effect during weight gain.


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