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What does Anavar do? | What is Oxandrolone used for? | How does Oxandrolone work?

Anavar , containing Oxandrolone, as mentioned above, is used for many medical purposes in medical facilities. But it has many non-standard, non-medical uses. Many bodybuilders and athletes use Oxandrolone because of its muscle building properties. This steroid is considered much more anabolic than androgenic, and it is for this reason that women and those people who need less intense steroid courses use this product in particular more often.

It offers an anabolic rating of 322-630 and an androgenic rating of just 24, which is very favourable for women. Because it is so widely used by female athletes, it has been nicknamed the “steroid for women”. However, many male bodybuilders still use this compound.

This steroid works almost the same way as any other anabolic and androgenic steroid by binding to the androgen receptors and exhibiting its properties and abilities. By activating the androgen receptor, it leads to stimulation of protein synthesis, resulting in increased muscle growth, muscle body mass, and bone mineral density.

It is a derivative of DHT – dihydrotestosterone steroid , which was produced many years ago and remains one of the most widely used steroids even today. Its perfect ratio of fewer side effects combined with lean muscle mass growth that is quality and much longer lasting, along with many other benefits, makes Anavar – Oxandrolone an amazing steroid.

How to take Anavar | Anavar cycle | Anavar dosage | Oxandrolone dosage

As mentioned, Anavar , containing Oxandrolone, is an orally active steroid and this means that it should be taken orally, usually in lean cycles, but it is also used with amazing success in mass gain cycles.

This steroid helps to burn fat and because it does not provide as significant an increase in muscle mass as other steroids, it is often used in lean cycles as it helps to increase lean muscle mass, preserve muscle mass and shed fat deposits.

Anavar is very often combined with almost any steroid of your choice. It can be Dianabol, Anapolone, Testosterone, Deca or almost any other. Which steroid to use along with Anavar – Oxandrolone largely depends on exactly what you expect to use.

The most common Anavar (Oxandrolone) doses for men are in the range of 25 to 50 mg per day. Because of its rather short half-life (but normal for an orally active AAS) of only 9 hours, most people choose to split the daily dose into at least 2 doses, with some using it 3 or even 4 times a day. The same is true for women, but the doses are much smaller, ranging from 5 to 20 mg per day.

Anavar is a C17 AA and this means that it passes through the liver. Your liver should suffer from this. Therefore, the cycle length should not be too long. We recommend a cycle length of about 6-8 weeks.

Anavar with Winstrol is great for weight loss, and Anavar with Testosterone Cypionate is great for gaining mass. 50 mg of Anavar in each case, 50 mg of Winstrol per day or 400 mg of Testosterone per week for cycle lengths of 6 and 8 weeks respectively.

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