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Oxandro (oxandrolone) is an incredibly powerful steroid needed in the cutting cycle and preparatory stages of bodybuilding. It is typically used by athletes and mass gainers 2-3 weeks prior to competition to get noticeably hard and tight muscles without unwanted fluid retention. The side effects associated with estrogen, including water retention, usually give muscles a bulky appearance with massive subcutaneous fat accumulation.

This is not observed in the case of oxandrolone. This modified form of DHT provides athletes in the pre-competition phases with valuable additional benefits in the form of strength, increased training efficiency and a burst of energy. An overdose of the drug should be avoided to avoid gonadotropin suppression leading to testosterone deficiency and inefficiency. Oxandrolone drastically promotes bone and joint support by increasing the synthesis of phosphocreatine kinase.

British Dispensary is a well-known pharmaceutical company established in 1892 in Thailand. It is popular among bodybuilders for its valuable steroids and concern for health and fitness.

Dosage and course

The ideal dosage of oxandrolone is 15-50 mg/day.

Women generally prefer to take a lower dose of 10-25 mg/day to avoid male signs such as hair growth, acne and oily skin.

The optimal course duration is 6-8 weeks.

Oxandrolone is good for the contraction phase, so it is cycled predominantly with other hardness stimulating drugs such as stanozolol and clenbuterol (120-140 mcg/day) to achieve a relief look and rapid fat loss.

Some athletes also combine oxandrolone with deca-durabolin to increase muscle mass and strength performance.

One of the many versions of the drug Oxandro.

Without need, the active substance of the drug was synthesised in the early 1960s. Almost immediately it became widespread not only in sports, but also in medicine.

Dosage oxandro course oxandro

A recognised course of about 6 weeks is considered optimal. In principle, the rate of gain as a result of such improvement is not so great, but it is fair to note the fact that many bodybuilders, especially professionals, do not neglect this method.

As in many similar modifications of the drug, its intake can be divided into several parts, which, of course, is very convenient.

The drug is often combined with many other steroids such as testosterone esters, stanozolol and many others.

It is important to remember that if you use the steroid not alone, but use it in combined portions, the dose must necessarily be reduced. The body still receives the necessary amount of these substances that are needed to achieve the result.

The dosage depends on many factors, so it is good to consult a doctor and a trainer before taking it.

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