Oxandrolone LA Pharma 5 mg




Oxandrolone 5mg Tablet LA Pharma

An Oxandrolone / Dianabol stack or example provides a lean mass gain with low water retention, ideal for bodybuilding while weightlifters will turn to an Oxandrolone / Androlic stack (strong androgens) to gain strength and dense muscles.

Benefits Of Oxandrolone:

Used at a normal dosage and advisable, the Oxandrolone does not disturb the hormonal cycles, or metabolism because it aromatizes very little and therefore does not disrupt your androgen/estrogen levels.

The Oxandrolone causes fat burning and thus firmer muscles and optimization of force. Users looking for a mass uptake will take it in “stack”, ie combine it with another product more anabolic, as the Oxandrolone does not provide mass gain.


The drug is rarely used in clinical medicine. In the past decades, it was used to treat individuals with a variety of anemias, weight loss in HIV patients and was once tried out as treatment for osteoporosis. However, the widespread abuse of this drug led Searle in 1989, to cease production of the drug. Today, the drug is made by Savient Pharmaceutical, under the trade name Oxandrin. Today, some physicians do prescribe Oxandrin to treat moribund patients gain weight after trauma, burns or serious infections. Sometimes it is combined with corticosteroids for the treatment of bone pain in cancer patients.


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