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Anavar 50 mg is a mild oral steroid that contains 50 milligrams of oxandrolone.

Even in high doses, this C-17 oral drug has negligible effects on the liver. Pro-Anavar is also not a steroid for gaining mass. Oxandrolone provides quality benefits that are likely to persist after use. Anavar users report a good increase in strength.

How does Anavar work?

Anavar can effectively strengthen muscles. It has been prescribed to people with anaemia, muscle atrophy, weight loss, osteoporosis and other conditions. Today, bodybuilders and athletes buy Anavar , because it is a great choice for drying cycles.

This chemical burns fat while preserving muscle mass. It can also be used to gain muscle mass, which requires more time and less results.

Anavar is an oral DHT anabolic steroid with anabolic to androgenic ratio of 322-630:24. As we can see, it is more anabolic than androgenic. The supplement enhances athletic performance, muscle mass and strength gains, as well as water and fat loss.

Anavar Benefits.

Oxandrolone is a good compound for women and bodybuilders before competition. It builds excellent, lean muscle mass and a strong body in men. Oxandrolone’s positive effects on skin rejuvenation, wound healing, stretch mark reduction and burn treatment are worth noting, as well as its value in post-course AAS therapy, as it does not aromatise or interfere with testosterone recovery.

Anavar side effects

Some of the potential side effects that occur when using Anavar for sale include:

  • Excessive hair growth
  • Increased and decreased sexual libido
  • Menstrual problems in women
  • Acne
  • Unusual and persistent mood swings
  • Liver damage due to substance abuse
  • Heart attack (major or minor)


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