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Oxanabol Tablets (British Dragon) is an anabolic steroid, a steroid widely used in iron sports. It has a fairly mild effect and relatively fast action: anabolic activity is increased to 400% of testosterone, androgenic properties are reduced by 75% of testosterone; half-life after oral (oral) administration is about 9-10 hours. The drug is well suited for drying courses, when you need to build hard and relief muscles or gain lean muscle mass.

Positive effect

When taken systematically, i.e. during the course, Oxanabol promotes, on the one hand, qualitative muscle growth (without fluid retention), burning of subcutaneous fat, increase in density and relief of musculature, on the other hand, growth of strength, increase in endurance and acceleration of recovery. Thus, it is considered a topical preparation for most physical sports. Athletics is no exception.

Oxanabol has an active ingredient consonant to its name. It is oxandrolone, which is a synthetic steroid, an anabolic derived from dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It was developed in the early 1960s of the 20th century specifically for medical purposes, indicating that the pills are almost completely safe.

Note: like its analogues under other trade names, Oxanabol has a pronounced immunostimulant effect, and its ability to increase tissue sensitivity to insulin and increase the concentration of growth hormone (somatropin) has been confirmed. Their influence on the athlete’s performance cannot be overestimated.

How to take Oxanabol?

The optimal regimen, including doses, frequency of tablet use and course duration, is selected on an individual basis. But we can give some general recommendations that will be relevant for most athletes or sportswomen:

Firstly, the dosage range for men varies from 20 to 80 mg/day, while for women a dosage of 10-20 mg/day is acceptable;

Secondly, Oxanabol should be taken on a daily basis due to the short half-life of its active ingredient;

Thirdly, courses with it on average last 6-8 weeks. For such a period of time it is realistic to obtain visible results without provoking side effects.

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